FATHOM – Decision Support Tool

FATHOM – Decision Support Tool

CAMS-DST was born out of listening to housing landlords expressing a need for a single approach to ensure and prove that their housing strategies provide the best possible value for all stakeholders. To deliver this the CAMS-DST and supporting processes were developed to provide social landlords with enhanced decision making analysis based on whole life cost within a single package.

FATHOM  aligns with the requirements of ISO 55001: 2014 the International Standard for Asset Management, and ISO 15686-5: 2017 for whole life building management.

This provides assurance that the results and analysis produced are of the highest industry standard. The software analyses whole life cycle costs over a period between 10-100 years to provide a base from which you can identify the optimum solution based on value for money, whether this is to select a method of construction for new development, optimise maintenance plans, or evaluate the differences in whole-life costs between different asset classes such as heating systems based on whole life ‘cradle to grave’ costs, incomes and other factors such as carbon consumption, environmental impact, customer and social value costs.


FATHOM Brochure- August 2021

We have a goal to create a club of social landlords and councils to:

Share data across organisations to identify potential areas for reducing asset management costs

Contribute through ideas in the development of the next evolution of CAMS DST

We have several options to suit individual needs ranging from annual subscriptions for our gold, silver and bronze membership, or perhaps our consultancy services accompanied with an annual-right-to-use licence DST, training and user support.



Here are some quotes from clients who have enjoyed the benefits of the DST:

“Answering those really difficult questions”

We employed CAMS to help answer a key question, “which method of construction for our new programme offers the best value for money when considering all costs and risks over the life of the homes?” Using their DST, CAMS presented a robust business case in favour of the best method of construction that aligns with our strategy to provide long term sustainable homes at affordable prices. Not only has this helped guide our development programme, the DST has also highlighted areas where we can improve in the management of our existing homes”-

Laura Young, Housing Development Manager at Wiltshire Council

“Benefiting from CAMS Asset Management experience”

Magna has over the last 2 years benefitted from CAMS broad base of Asset Management experience from several sectors, helping us embed best practice Asset Management and whole life cycle cost principles into how we manage our existing and future housing stock.

Paul Read – Head of Development – Magna Housing


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