Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Software has always been an integral component of how we manage assets, collate information and analyse data. We utilise and develop our own tools, enabling us to process raw data and provide robust and reliable information for decision making.

Applying the principles of whole lifecycle costing (WLC) modelling as set out in ISO 55001 and BS 15686:5, we have created a number of WLC tools that enable clients to test different scenarios across the full planning-building-operating-maintaining-end of life asset stages to identify the best value solutions for their unique requirements.

CAMS Technology Solutions

Following feedback from clients who find the principles of Asset Management difficult to follow, we developed our own Asset Management Framework.

Our visual tool can be used to understand how each aspect of the asset management framework align and fit together… helping users understand the bigger picture to provide greater appreciation of what we do and why at a high level, as well as in detail.

Our intuitive and visual tool is available free of charge by contacting us.

Asset Management

The temptation to allow technology to drive the shape of an organisation, its culture and behaviours must be resisted. IT strategies should be developed top-down aligned to the organisation’s management systems.

We help our clients maximise return on investment through the right choices in IT systems such as BIM, GIS, work management, asset monitoring and control, performance management, asset information management and decision support tools.

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