Magna Updated GAP Assessment Case Study

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Magna Housing





We are delighted to have recently been appointed by Magna to undertake a gap assessment of their asset management maturity against the International Standard of Asset Management (ISO 55001).  We previously provided Magna with a gap assessment in 2019, and this latest engagement provides the opportunity to demonstrate the progress that has been made since 2019.


Magna Housing are a fantastic organisation to work with, who want to develop their knowledge and grow awareness.  They understand the difference between Asset Management and Managing Assets and want to ensure that the “System” of Asset Management is fully adopted within the organisation.


The assessment took place over the course of a few weeks, combining results from virtual interviews with key stakeholders, and an extensive document review to formulate a scoring against the  international standard, to produce the overall maturity level of Magna Housing.


If you would be interested in testing your organisation against the International Standard of Asset Management, please contact to arrange a consultation.

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