Take a look below at the the services that we offer here at CAMS, and find out more about how we can provide value to your orginisation.

Strategic Asset Management Plans

CAMS can create a tailored SAMP for your organisation that Is aligned to ISO 55001 and can be used to shape your businesses strategy going into the future based off of your objectives.

maturity assessments

By interviewing key personnel and analysing key data within your organisation, we are able to perom an assessment against ISO 55001 that allow you to identify areas of 'quick' improvement.

Investment Planning

By ensuring that all assets have an effective and cost-risk-performance investment plan is crucial to ensuring they operate at their optimum level over the whole-life of the assets.

Data and information management

From helping with developing an asset information strategy to designing data and information systems, we can help you align your asset information system to your asset management needs.