About Us

About Us

CAMS was established in 2015 to provide asset management services across the UK and internationally

Helping clients achieve their strategic goals, by maximising value in their physical assets

In 2017, we expanded into affordable housing and have demonstrated that many of the innovations and experiences from our core sectors are transferrable. This enables us to contribute towards helping the UK housing sector overcome a major challenge of building new housing stock to acceptable levels of quality, in a sustainable way- increasing the levels of home ownership amongst low income earners.

Our Purpose

To help clients achieve their strategic goals, by maximising value in their physical assets. By achieving our purpose, our clients benefit from:

  • Improved decisions with greater transparency and alignment
  • Improved return on financial investment
  • Clearer, more defendable justification for all expenditure
  • Reduced risk and improved reliability
  • Increased stakeholder confidence and improved reputation
  • Increased corporate value and long term sustainability

Our Values

At CAMS we believe in Collaboration, Value for Money, being Progressive and Outcome Focused
  • Collaboration

    We work with our clients together to complete a task and achieve our goals

  • Value for Money

    We provide solutions with the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements

  • Progressive

    We challenge the status quo, capitalising and improving best practices around the world, tailored for local situations

  • Outcome Focused

    Metrics enable us to measure our performance continually, identified areas for improvement, always focused on the desired outcomes



We provide a range of services for the utilities sectors from developing strategic plans, creating detailed asset management plans, resolving complex maintenance challenges to support the delivery of solutions for regional and national level utilities organisations.

We operate in the water, electricity, petrochemical and gas sectors.


We provide strategic solutions across the rail and highways sectors, capturing knowledge from our experienced team who have held senior management positions in their previous roles.

Affordable Housing Development

We collaborate with housing associations to deliver affordable housing. Whether as a developer in partnership with local trades, project managing or simply providing advice and support, we aim to contribute towards delivering better quality, better value affordable homes.

Meet the CAMS Team

We are a niche team of highly skilled thought leaders with over 100 years experience between us
  • Founded CAMS in 2015. 26 years institutional strengthening and asset management experience. Craig adopts a balance approach aligning top down strategies from organisational requirements through to policies and strategic objectives, with a bottom up practical hand on approach.

    Craig Demanuele

  • Andy has 22 years of operational and asset management experience working in the Water, Electricity, Rail, Highways Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Oil and Gas Industries. Has extensive knowledge of strategic asset management, management systems and organisation.

    Andy Hunt

  • Jackie has a strong background in change management, restructuring, employee well-being, developing and maintaining client and stakeholder relationships throughout change. Holds various certifications including ISO 9001,14001 and 55001.

    Jackie Harrison-Capper

  • Bill is a senior construction professional with over 15 years experience in project management, programming, cost control and quality monitoring. This includes technical, commercial and project management roles across traditional and off-site methods of construction.

    Bill Williams

  • John has extensive experience in the water industry, from resource management, asset management through to customer service delivery. An established senior leader achieving great results through asset, project, operations and maintenance management.

    John Lyons

  • Julie helps and supports CAMS with strategic marketing planning and is responsible for delivering their marketing activities. She has over 20 years' experience working within the oil and gas, petrochemicals, utilities and transport sectors.

    Julie Fowler

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