CAMS is an asset management consultancy based in the UK

We pride ourselves on delivering best practice asset management advice, transforming complex challenges into practical and efficient solutions across a range of sectors on a worldwide scale.

We help asset owners reduce and optimise their whole life cycle costs from planning and design through to construction, operations, maintenance and eventual decommissioning, repurposing or disposal.

  • Latest News

    CAMS jointly delivered a workshop with Magna Housing at the NHMF Conference on 21 – 22 January 2020. They shared why ISO 55001 is enabling housing associations to take a big step forward towards an integrated approach to managing homes; and why the analysis of different Modern Methods of Construction technologies, demonstrates that there is a strong business case for offsite construction when considering whole life costs.

    Dec 2019
  • Latest News

    We are pleased to deliver a whole life cycle decision support tool (DST) for LHC and Magna Housing, in line with the UK Construction Sector Deal guidelines.

    Please download the case study ‘WHY IS THE TIME NOW RIGHT FOR OFFSITE’ in an increasingly challenging housing market?


    August 2019
  • Latest News

    Working on behalf of Magna Housing, we are delighted to announce purchase of a new site in Dorchester which is to be developed to accommodate 9 new affordable homes.

    Dec 2018
  • Latest News

    CAMS worked for Magna Housing and developed a business case justification, for them to adopt Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

    See what Magna Housing and Rollalong achieved in their launch video with comments from Craig Demanuele, CAMS Managing Director.

    Nov 2019
  • Latest News

    We recently acted on behalf of Magna Housing to complete the purchase of a new site with planning consent for 7 new affordable homes in the town of Crewkerne, Somerset.

    May 2018
  • "Benefiting from CAMS Asset Management experience"

    As a developer and landlord, Magna has over the last 18 months benefitted from CAMS broad base of Asset Management experience from several sectors, helping us embed best practice Asset Management and whole life cycle cost principles into planning, building, and maintaining our housing stock. The resultant Strategic Asset Management Plan provides the foundation for us to build the case for whole life cost based decision making when considering our new build programme and the use of manufactured homes.

    Paul Read, Head of Development, Magna Housing

  • "CAMS bring a wealth of operational experience"

    We have worked since 2009 providing BIM services across the State of Qatar. One challenge we face is around how to seamlessly integrate BIM into our client organisations, and prevent overlaps, gaps and conflicts with existing client IT systems. CAMS bring a wealth of operational experience that we were able to take on board to enable us to present better BIM solutions for our clients in Qatar.

    Esteban Aristizabal, ex Senior BIM Manager, Hochtief ViCon Qatar

  • "CAMS present a fresh approach"

    We are working with CAMS and Magna Housing to create new homes aligned to the guidelines contained in the UK Construction Sector Deal, focusing on whole life cycle costing and best practice principles in Asset Management, as contained in the ISO 55001 Standard. CAMS present a fresh approach to the affordable housing sector. Using their expertise gained in other sectors enables us to assist our clients in planning , procuring and delivering affordable housing in innovative ways across the south west.

    Mary Bennell, Director, LHC

  • "Collaborative & innovative approach"

    CAMS offer a collaborative and innovative approach bringing a wealth of asset management experience and expertise across a wide range of complex industrial settings. We are delighted to be working with CAMS to support us to add to Asset Wisdom's portfolio of online asset management learning.

    Chris Bradley, Director, Asset Wisdom

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